Matanho Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Zimbabwean musicians and their communities.

Matanho Project has a threefold mission:

  • To help Zimbabwean musicians and their families generate income through self-sustaining musical, cultural arts, and micro-loan projects. Emergency health fund is available for families contracted in the micro-loan project.
  • To help Zimbabwean villages transform from debt-dependent farming methods to permaculture methods that are designed to work together for sustainability.
  • To facilitate a cross-cultural sharing of musical expertise and artist development between Zimbabwean and American musicians.

In 2015 the School Fees Project was specifically created to help the children of our Zimbabwean teachers attend school.

Being government schools, there is no publicly funded education. Life in Zimbabwe is already extremely difficult with so many people living in poverty. The cost of tuition, uniforms, and supplies is unattainable for many families.

In 2022 we are expanding to include health care and family food support.