Matanho School Fees Project

Since 1999 Zimbabwean musicians have enriched our community with African culture and music. Many of you have experienced the fun of a marimba, mbira, or singing class, or danced to the music at a local concert. You may have been touched by this infectious and joyful style of music, and more importantly have made lasting friendships. We look forward to the day when travel opens up again so that we may invite our teachers back to the island.

School Fees Project

In 2015 the school fees project was specifically created to help the children of our Zimbabwean teachers attend school. Being government schools, there is no publicly funded education. Life in Zimbabwe is already extremely difficult with so many people living in poverty. The cost of tuition, uniforms, and supplies is unattainable for many families. In 2022 we are expanding to include health care and family food support.