What a challenging year it has been for our school kids and families in Zimbabwe.

As always, we send our deepest gratitude to you, our donors, as we continue to help educate these youth of Zimbabwe and lift up their families.  By doing so, they have hope for the future and their lives have been extremely enriched by this generous and loving community.

Exciting News

With our intention to expand our school fees program to include  food support and health expenses to our families, we have a received a generous offer of seed money for this expansion.  If we raise up to $5000 before Christmas, we have two matching funds of up to $5000 each being offered. This would result in up to $15,000 for our continuing education fund and the expansion of our program for the year 2022.

We invite our continuing and new supporters to help us meet this challenge.

All donations will be counted towards the matching funds.